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Welcome to Emergency Planet!

Welcome to Emergency-planet, the highest ranked resource site in English & Dutch for the international community of the games "Emergency" and "911: First Responders". These games put you in charge of different squads, under which are the Police, the Fire Department, the Ambulances and the Technical Units.

On our site you will find different types of content that will help you through your game and/or addition content to your game. We'd recommend you to register on our forum to stay informed of the latest things, even take a look in our download center, which includes many modifications for these games.

Have a question? Are you stuck in a mission? Problems with your game? Check the FAQ and our self-written walkthroughs and if that doesn't help, we'll be proud to offer you great support in our forum.
We wish you a nice stay,
The Emergency-Planet Team

What's New In The Community?

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Submod/Mod New Rules

Sep 04 2015 10:08 PM | Newfoundking in News & Announcements

Hey everyone,The staff and modding community at Emergency-Planet have determined the need for a differentiation between different levels of mods out there. Since the release of the LA Mod as an open sourced modding tool, the community has changed a lot. We see a lot more mods released, however we've also seen a lot more content sharing. While this is great in one way, allowing the community to have more to enjoy, there is the problem of content crediting. Over the past few months, we've brought in some regulations to try to curb content use without permission and content theft. Those rules have been working good, but we wanted to make one more adjustment to make it clear to people looking the amount of effort put into a mod. This is the reason for a submod/mod distinction. Now all mods that do not have a minimum of 25% content AND their own original structure (not based off of another mod) will be called submods of another mod, to provide homage to the original authors who put in th...

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Emergen...

Dec 25 2014 03:04 PM | Newfoundking in News & Announcements

Another year has come and past and we've seen some big changes in our community, from the growth of the modding world, to the release of the next generation Emergency Game, Emergency 5. On behalf of the staff of Emergency Planet, I'd like to thank you all for another year here, and wish you a Happy, Safe and Wonderful Christmas, full of good memories and joy. I hope you all have a Christmas that'll last in your memories.

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Emergency 5 has been released!

Nov 28 2014 08:20 AM | Stan in News & Announcements

Dear Community,

We can confirm Emergency 5 has been officially released. The day One patch, the patch that prevented players that got the game the day before release to actually play (And of course fixes a few important things) has been released tonight.

Read more to know more about the correct system requirements. Screenshots and unpacking pictures will follow soon. (After work :( )

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